In case you haven’t heard, March Mingle is less than 2 weeks away!

For our 18th year, we’ll be Mingling at the iconic Bali Hai on Shelter Island, a San Diego institution since 1953.

It’s going to be an epic night! We’re gathering 600 local geeks and tech entrepreneurs for one night so that you can discover what’s new and cool in San Diego tech, while catching up with tech friends old and new over drinks and delectable finger foods. All while surrounded by the Bali Hai’s tiki vibes, outdoor bonfire, and the stunning view of downtown San Diego at night.

Come experience the beating heart of our local tech industry at the annual celebration of all things tech in San Diego!

…or you’ll have to wait another whole year, and you ain’t getting any younger.

Tickets are $35 until March 23rd 2024 and they always sell out.

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