March Mingle sponsors

2020 2021 2022 will mark the 16th year of March Mingle, San Diego’s largest annual startup and tech networking event.

San Diego Tech Scene and Startup San Diego invite you to an evening of networking with fellow local geeks while enjoying some local libations and tasty gourmet finger food. Come discover San Diego’s latest startups, user groups and celebrate our thriving tech community.

What is March Mingle?

Since 2004, March Mingle has brought together San Diego’s finest technologists from local technical user groups for a night of socializing and camaraderie. This is our 16th March Mingle and we are deeply grateful to our loyal attendees who have made March Mingle a sell-out for 8 years running.

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to new Minglers, and encourage you to help us foster our growing local community, and local innovation, which is one of the things that makes this city such a fine place to live.

What Attendees Say

A great way to meet new people!

It’s a great place to explore strange new ideas, to seek out new people and new startups! To boldly go…

❝ My favorite yearly gathering to reconnect with other people in the startup community

❝ It was a great opportunity to hang out with the San Diego Tech community in a fun, relaxed environment! It was a great event and we will definitely be partaking again next year!

❝ It’s a microcosm of the entire cities tech industry!

❝ The atmosphere is dynamic and electrifying.

❝ Feel the energy of brilliant mind people socializing & networking. Helping each others & sharing ideas. Super positive group

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let's not put the entirety of the San Diego Tech Scene at risk of getting covid, and wait this thing out til 2022 😭😭😭
We've put March Mingle 2020 to bed without any supper. Hold on to your ticket though... we'll be back in March 2021! (vaccine-permitting, of course). We miss you all. Stay safe xo
We're postponing #MM2020 until September 16th y'all 😿 it was about time we changed this ol' name anyway ;)
Tom Hanks just got uninvited to March Mingle
See @NewMediaRights at #MM2020 about your copyright and trademark concerns, contracts, and other legal issues you might encounter as a startup or entrepreneur. Cost: $0