Update 2/15/2022

Well, it’s been 2 years without seeing your faces, and with much consideration have eventually decided that we’re going to proceed with a mini Mingle this year.

We’ve made this decision based on the statistics that we’ve been monitoring; infection rates have been steadily falling, and the number of vaccinated folk in San Diego is fairly high, at 85%.

Our venue has a large outdoor space, and the indoor hall is well ventilated with garage doors that open on both sides.

That being said, there is no question that attending an event such as March Mingle is a risky activity. Long covid is one emerging problem, and many of you have loved ones who are still at risk. Not all of our beloved community will be able to attend this year, but we’ve spoken with many who are eager to come together again.

You can trust us to strictly adhere to the rules set out by the CDC, state and local governments. In addition, attendance will be capped at 400 (venue capacity is 750), and we will be asking attendees to consider self-testing in advance.

In case of a new surge in cases, we are prepared to cancel, and all tickets will be fully refundable.

Update 2/9/2022

Due to omicron, we are considering all of our options on whether we should or shouldn’t put on March Mingle this year. We’ll make our decision on Feb 11th.

Update 3/9/2021

It is painfully clear that it would be irresponsible and overwhelmingly difficult for us to proceed with March Mingle 2021. Rather than making plans for yet another uncertain date later this year, we’ve decided that directing our efforts towards March 2022 will enable us to keep our branding, and allow us to confidently plan ahead. The new date is March 23rd, 2022.

Update 9/6/2020

In light of Covid-19, we have decided to move March Mingle out to March 24th, 2021. March Mingle has always been an in-person event that benefits both attendees and our sponsors to meet face to face so we’ve opted to not have a virtual event this year. Our hopes is that Covid will subside by then with vaccines. Only time will tell. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this post.

Update 3/12/2020

Governor Newsom has requested all gatherings of 250 or more people should be cancelled. In light of this request, we’ve moved March Mingle to September 16th 7-10 pm.

Update 3/6/2020

March Mingle 2020 will be held as planned, unless a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in San Diego. We are closely monitoring the news and recommendations from the local, state, and federal health organizations, and will postpone the event until October if necessary.

Our decision is based on the risk of infection being low, since March Mingle is a local event attended by local people. The cases reported in San Diego are few, and we trust that our attendees are well-informed and thoughtful enough to stay home if they’re sick, or have recently traveled to areas with outbreaks.

If we do need to cancel, March Mingle will be postponed and attendees will have the option of keeping their tickets for the later event, or of being refunded.

Here are the precautions we are planning:

  1. We are capping attendance at 400 to ensure the event is not crowded (venue capacity is 750).
  2. There will be alcohol handrub on every table.
  3. All tickets are fully refundable so you can make your own decision up to the night before.
  4. Shared surfaces (door handles, POS systems, tables) will be disinfected regularly.
  5. A warning message will be sent to all attendees the day before the event advising:
    • Do not attend if you have a fever, dry cough, or unusual shortness of breath.
    • Do not attend if you have visited any of the countries identified by the CDC as Level 3 Travel Health Notice (currently China, Iran, Italy and South Korea).
    • Greet fellow attendees with a Vulcan salute instead of handshake.
    • If you happen to cough or sneeze, direct into left elbow or under shirt collar
    • Stay at least 6′ away from anyone coughing or sneezing openly
    • Disinfect hands: wash with soap when you can; use handrub in between
    • Try not to touch your face unless you’ve just disinfected your hands

Stay logical and safe out there!


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